Flying with Horses  Spiritual & Intuitive Horsemanship

Life-changing interactions with horses in beautiful countryside

Experience horses like never before, learn how to communicate with them naturally, & experience the profound wisdom of horses with Equine Assisted Therapy. Whether you simply wish to connect with horses,  overcome personal challenges with their help, or enjoy a rewarding career with horses, we offer you exceptional & unique experiences with our magnificent herd of rescued horses. URGENT - New Home Needed ASAP, can you help? The field our horses have called home for 11 years is in the process of being sold to developers & we are looking for a new field to rent in the south / Devon / Somerset / Wales  areas. Please share with your friends, thank you.

Equine Assisted Therapy

Change you life for the better with horses!

Through gentle, guided interactions with horses, you can enjoy improvements in all areas of your life.

Whether you wish to experience personal development with horses, or for help with more specific issues such as overcoming depression, abuse, addictions, or PTSD, working with horses is enormously  beneficial  & rewarding, & can help you to really live the life you've always dreamed of.

Horse Whispering

Learn the Language & Leadership Skills of Horses!

Communicate with horses in their own language, & learn to understand what they are saying to you.

Using body language, clear focus & directed intent, we enter into the world of horses & become as one of them.

Learn the art & joy of true horsemanship & connect with horses like never before!

Courses & Workshops

We offer experiences with horses at liberty in beautiful countryside, which are suitable for all levels of experience. All people are welcome!

Book a private session for a tailor-made experience with horses, join one of our weekend courses to learn about the natural art of horsemanship, or join our 6-day Certified Course if you are wanting a life changing experience or a career with horses!

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